BNC Virtual Buyback Terms and Conditions

By completing the buyback process, seller agrees to the Terms and Conditions of BNC Virtual Buyback, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, all of which govern this transaction.

In order for you to receive the buyback prices in the buyback quote generated upon your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, that quote must be enclosed with the books you seek to sell and ship to BNC Virtual. If the buyback quote is not enclosed with the shipment, BNC Virtual reserves the right to provide you a lower buyback price or reject the buyback.

The BNC Virtual Buyback Program is available only to students and parents of students at BNC Virtual institutions who seek to sell eligible books back to BNC Virtual. Buyback prices valid under our Buyback Program do not apply to professional book retailers, wholesalers, and any other individual(s) trying to sell books in bulk shipments (defined as multiple copies of the same book even if such books appear on multiple quotes). At the sole discretion of BNC Virtual and without prior notice to seller, pricing on bulk shipments may be automatically adjusted to the wholesale price upon receipt by BNC Virtual of the shipment or, if there is no current wholesale value, BNC Virtual shall discard or return such books at the seller’s sole expense.

You acknowledge the Buyback Quote is valid for 30 days from the date we provided the Buyback Quote to you. BNC Virtual reserves the right to adjust the quoted price of any books delivered to our facility after this 30-day period has elapsed.

Once this Buyback Quote has expired, customers may generate another Buyback Quote for the same books. You hereby agree buyback prices can change daily and prices in earlier Buyback Quotes may not be the same as those in more recent Buyback Quotes.

You agree all eligible books you seek to sell back to BNC Virtual listed in the buyback quote that are part of a set must include all additional items that were sold with that book, such as included CDs, Study Guides, or maps. BNC Virtual reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to adjust the price of any book you ship to us that does not contain the additional items listed in the buyback quote.

BNC Virtual does not accept for buyback any international editions or teacher’s editions of any books in a buyback quote. In the event you send any such editions to us, BNC Virtual shall discard or return such books at the seller’s sole expense.

By submitting the Buyback Quote and sending the textbook(s) and related item(s) (if any) to us, you represent and warrant such books are in good or better condition such that they meet the following criteria: (i) all pages are intact; (ii) the cover and binding are intact; (iii) any notes or highlighting are not excessive and do not obscure any of the text; and (iv) neither the cover nor any pages are torn or water-damaged.

By submitting the Buyback Quote and sending the textbook(s) and related item(s) to us, you further represent and warrant that the books and related items (if any) delivered pursuant to these Terms and Conditions shall not be or contain Counterfeit Books, as defined below. “Counterfeit Books” include, but are not limited to, books or separately identifiable items or components of books that: (i) are an illegal or unauthorized copy or substitute of an original authentic item in violation of applicable laws or (ii) otherwise violate, misappropriate, or infringe any United States or foreign patent, trademark, service mark, trade dress, trade name, copyright, design patent, right of publicity, or any other third-party right anywhere in the world. BNC Virtual shall not be responsible for any costs, charges, damages or other liabilities related to Counterfeit Books. BNC Virtual may, at its sole option, and in addition to its other rights and remedies at law, equity or otherwise, opt not to return, and shall not be responsible for returning, any Counterfeit Books to you. BNC Virtual shall not, and shall not be required to, pay for any Counterfeit Books. BNC Virtual may, at its sole option, destroy any Counterfeit Books or deliver them to the copyright owner of such books.

You hereby agree all books you submit to us for possible buyback shall be subject to final inspection upon receipt by BNC Virtual. For more information, review our quality standards as outlined in our FAQ section. BNC Virtual may revoke its acceptance of any buyback at any time if it determines that any books are Counterfeit Books or do not otherwise comply with these Terms and Conditions. No replacement of rejected books, whether or not Counterfeit Books, may be made unless approved by BNC Virtual in writing. Decisions regarding the condition and authenticity of textbooks rest solely with BNC Virtual, and all decisions are final.

For any book that does not meet our quality standards and except for Counterfeit Books, BNC Virtual will notify you via email using the email address you provided in your My Account section and allow you the option of having the book returned to you at your cost. BNC Virtual will hold rejected books for up to one week from the date we notify you of such rejection and will permanently discard the rejected book if you have not made arrangements for return before the end of the one-week timeframe. Please note that BNC Virtual may not be able to return to you the exact book you sent to us and thus reserves the right to replace it with one of similar condition.

Customers sending books for possible buyback to BNC Virtual do so at their sole risk. BNC Virtual shall not be responsible, under any circumstances, for any books that are lost or damaged in transit to or prior to receipt at the BNC Virtual addressed listed on the Buyback Quote.

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